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The workshop of raw jewelry,

Tümülü, was born in June 2021

in the Pyrenean Piedmont

and revisits ancestral manufacturing techniques

to unveil contemporary raw forms.

Trained in graphic arts at the Estienne School,

Fred Duvergé primarily worked in the fields of illustration, graphic design, and art direction

before creating Tümülü.

The workshop’s creations is a new exploration

of volume, material, and texture,

akin to a reinvention of ancestral practices.

Amid seemingly archaic techniques, without machines or standardized tools, there is an

openness to all kinds of experimentation

in order to produce simple and unique forms and textures.


The work takes place both indoors and outdoors:

any found object, be it plant or mineral, can be used as raw material or as a tool. For example, the cases are crafted from burnt pieces of wood or tree bark collected from the ground.

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